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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Heart's in Lost and Found

My heart's in Lost and Found
just where I do not know.
I had it with me when
you died, or did I? Maybe
you took it on your final
journey, forgot to send it back.

It was yours alone, for sure
as I gave it to you those
many years past in the heat
of our new love, the fire
of passion and youthful lust.

I miss my heart as I
do you, my one true love.
Please come back and bring it.
Oh, I know you can't do
that. You can't come back, but
could you leave my heart in
my dream one night, a kiss
out of darkness on my breast,
the flutter of its beating restored?

Just a note: I participate in a meme called Six Word Fridays, and each Friday we are given a word with which to work. It's the brain child of Melissa at http://www.makingthingsup.com/six-word-fridays/ Last week's word was found. We may do with it as we wish - write a six word sentence using the word, or, as I have chosen to do, we can write a poem with six-word lines. I have tried unsuccessfully to link this post to Six Word Fridays, and I apologize for not having a button for it. I will keep trying to link up from here. In the meantime, you can Google Six Word Fridays and find it there! This little poem was my entry last week.
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