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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For Loren

What was it that you wanted 
when you took me to your side
made as to soothe me   help me heal?  
What happened to the man who 
brought a waterfall of 
laughter cascading down 
the front of my dress
poked a tiny hole in 
my heart so a trickle
of tenderness could drip in
fold itself around my 
oozing wound born of loss?
What made you want me to 
fuck your lover then turn
on us when you thought 
I had   a viper spewing
flames of hatred   vitriol
meant to burn out my core
corrode the embryonic
seeds of healing there?
Serpent that you are   you’ve 
begun slithering 
circling me as new prey
forgetting you molted 
cast me off   so much   
dry skin baking in the sun.

You dare to approach me
take my hands as though
you have a right and

I jerk them back.
Waterfalls of laughter 
long forgotten   dismissed 
as bait to lure me to 
your writhing nest of madness
I stare you in the eye
smooth my dress   brush past you
and wipe my hands on the hem.
© cj Schlottman
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For John, Who Died Anyway

Leaves pasted together 
by dew   carpet the path 
across the meadow.  
Twigs snap under your boots.
You stride out    head high    push 
challenge   stare down the cancer 
that   robbed you   first of a 
kidney   then a lung.  
I clamber after you 
up a steep hill   jeans wet 
to the knees.  You pause   
lean on your stick   suck air 
march toward the gurgle of   
the periwinkle spring.
Winded   I scramble   half-jog  
struggle to keep up
uproot vines to plant at
my back door   a symbol 
of your strength this day.  
Across the road   the smell
of wet hay penetrates
our noses.  Your stick a sword 
you lash at underbrush
lead me through a thicket 
to the creek   point out 
mountain laurel in bloom. 
I snap blossoms   bunch them
in a bouquet of sorts.
Tiring   you tug in 
a broken breath   attack 
the hill as I scramble 
alongside   take your hand
never a thought that you
would die.

© cj  Schlottman

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Night comes in sparkling gems
of sunlight, twinkles of
stars in your hazel eyes.
Shimmering refections
from ocean water at
whose feet we linger late
give glow to your visage
radiate to my own.
You flash a smile, fold my
hand into yours as the
sun sinks into the sea.

© cj Schlottman 2011