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Monday, May 27, 2013

Worms in Your Head

(On life with an adult child who is plagued with bipolar type 1).

worms in your head   demons 
bore holes in your soul   blind you 
to dangers that trip you  
hurl you into the gutter 
of drunkenness 

mania overcomes you
expansive gestures slice into 
the air   your voice ascends to 
a shout   strident sounds crowd the air
& you think you can 
walk through the wall

sleep settles in   a sunset 
into the arms of Morpheus   
you moan   work your legs against
the sheets & dream

night terrors rage   you leap
from the bed   a primal scream
in your throat spills over       
trembling lips   fills the air
with static & fear

pills & two hours see 
you in bed   sedated   calm
breaths quiet   a soft snore
the only sound from your room 

© 2013 cj Schlottman