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Saturday, July 23, 2011

South Beach

You are waiting   crisply dressed   
your face    shaven smooth
glows at the sight of me
as I arrive at the home
ask the driver to wait.
The nurse dispenses
medication for the two
days you will stay with me.
Our cabbie drives us to
South Beach   you chatting
him up like the you 
before bipolar struck.
Calmer now since new
medicine    you are still
unable to amble
clipping at a brisk pace
along the avenue.
The peek-a-boo sunshine
stings my pale skin    a stark
contrast to your bronze arms.
We walk down Ocean Drive   
taking in drag queens    
in gold lamé ruffles 
strutting outside The Palace.
Lunch at News Café.
Relaxed    you shamelessly 
flirt with our waitress.
You     just months ago so
malignantly manic 
unable to hold a thought. 
Iced coffee at Starbuck's
cools us    evaporates
sweat from our skin.
We talk    your tanned face
almost relaxed    no 
angling for compliments  
no perseverating.
A pastel canyon 
Art Deco hotels tower
over us    the sidewalk 
lined with diners in a trail 
of cafés    as fans blow 
mist into the steamy 
heat of midday.
Tiring    you    my golden son
hail a cab    our  ride to the
cool dim light of my hotel.
You switch on the TV.
In minutes we are asleep  
dodging our demons
if only for the while.
© cj Schlottman  2011