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Friday, February 26, 2010

Photographing Clint - ©1999 Claudia Schlottman

Photographing Clint  - 1999 - by Claudia Schlottman  

He leans back, arms outstretched
on the rail, terry robe wrapped
around his long body
cinched with an easy knot,
his silhouette framed by
an almost-dark sky that
hints of a purple 
and orange sunset.
A few degrees atilt,
a wine glass rests between
his thumb and forefinger.
Hot-tub water drips
into Birkenstocks--size 46,
he draws one foot up and
props it on a picket,
breaking the robe, showing
a knee, hinting at his
nakedness beneath.
Seeing the camera,
he cocks his head, silver hair
shining in the porch light,
and looks straight at the lens.
Brown eyes gleam as he breaks
into the smile he saves
for me alone.
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