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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Images of Parrish

you don’t come in night dreams   instead your image flashes 
in bright light as I walk the dog around the pond
you pedal past gleaming sweat   feet a blur   head lowered  
against the wind   your demons in close pursuit 
you never had a neutral gear

i lift a banana pudding from the oven and 
you appear   wielding a spoon to reach around me   
stab at the meringue   shovel hot sweetness into your mouth
turn the spoon on me   paint my lips with sticky
confection as my arms fly up in surrender
the taste lingers as you fade away like so much mist

at the bistro by the sea i glance up to see your
handsome face lined with lightening bolts of the storms that rage
in your beautiful head   you smile   flirt with the pretty
brunette who sets down your perrier
you wink and call her darlin’   i study the menu   
and  look up to see only the surf slapping the pier

in the sunroom you sit   ankle over knee   in the 
yellow chair across from mine   heel pumping the floor as
you swipe a hand through tight brown curls   
pale green eyes   the color of mine   fix a question 
that hangs in the air between us   what will happen next?

the answer comes at your deathbed when your heart slows   stops   
and nothing remains but the artificial rise and fall of your chest

© 2016 cj Schlottman

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