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Monday, October 31, 2011

For Ruth

she lies on her bed    eyes closed
covers folded neatly across
her chest   white hair smooth & splayed 
against her pillow 
her hands quiet & folded
across her heaving chest
eyes shifting behind her lids
the hint of a flinch as I
inject her with morphine 
tell me she is there   aware
i take her cold hand   fold it
into both of mine   lean in
to coo into her ear   say 
peace will soon override 
her torment   breath come easily  
the whisper of movement 
in her frail fingers
tells me she hears   believes
her body descends into 
the arms of Morpheus   
silently calling back
to me that she is safe
i stroke her hair   kiss her cheek
await her next soundless plea
© 2011 cj Schlottman

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