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Monday, December 27, 2010


Here'e my entry for today's Poetry Potluck. It's a great way to practice your skills and be exposed to the talents of many other poets. Please use the link above to go there and join in! There are dozens of good pieces there, so read as many as you can!

The copper fountain splashes
as the fire crackles its song
to the stockings hung above.
No big tree, but four metal
ones dangling with hand blown
ornaments reflecting light
from candles glowing. Santas,
tiny stars twinkle beside
gingerbread boys and penguins.
Jerry Garcia in shades
a red shirt with palm trees.
Santa riding a dolphin.
Poinsettias and Christmas
cacti decorate the ball
and claw tub in the guest bath.
Sparkling lighthouses hang
beside Wise Men, a brilliant ball
of gold, green and blue glitter.
A gold crowned nutcracker with
candy cane breeches stands guard
over the others, sword at
his side, silver hair and beard.
Rustic wooden cutouts meant
to stand above the door watch
over the scene. A snowman
with twigs for arms is framed
on it either side with a green
tree with a gold star atop
a rustic Santa standing
at attention.
My little cottage is warm
and the Santa hat on Poppy’s
urn keeps me smiling.

© cj Schlottman 12/26/10
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