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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Frozen Heat - © Claudia Schlottman


Frozen Heat

I stumble, take a half step back 
fly down a dark shaft legs thrown up 
in a perfect vee. 

Birkenstocks scraping the roof of 
the tunnel fly off and pound my 
face. Dress blown over my head, my 
back heats and blisters with friction. 
I land hard in a frigid pool. 

Tears breach eyelids squeezed against 
the darkness, drain down my face in
rivulets of scorching sleet.

My mouth flies open and from it 
howls and screeches of poisonous
pain hurtle forth as from the throat 
of a wounded dog.  I peek out 
to see only darkness, no hint 
of light glowing in the distance. 

I hobble to my feet, groping
in the inky space for warmth.  
My feet burn scarlet with cold 
my teeth clack, arms break into a 
hot rash, then freeze.  I stagger, flee
the cold, falter forward seeking 
the warmth you stole in the fever
of your dying.                    
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